Hi, guys! So, again I went overboard with the gachas at the arcade. I have way too many extras that are not selling fast enough at the yard sales. And yet, I keep going back to the arcade to play even more! Some how it is more satisfying to "win" then it is to hunt it down at the same yard sale I am hoping to unload my left overs.
Here is a pic of me enjoying some of the spoils of my addiction. Lights dimmed, relaxing in a hot bath surrounded by the aroma of flowers and coffee. The only thing I forgot was my book.

*This is my first pic with love.

Hair:""D!va"" Hair "Giz"
Skin: *League* Isla - Deeptan
Hands/Feet: Slink

Trompe Loeil - Modern Mountain Cabin (C88)
Trompe Loeil - Deco Floor Lamp (Arcade)
Trompe Loeil - Vintage Vanity
Trompe Loeil - Vintage Sink Brown Wood
Trompe Loeil - Wicker Bathroom Basket Brown
[PM]Pixel Mode - Old Time Bath RARE (Arcade)
[PM] Pixel Mode - Bath Bombs RARE (Arcade)
[PM] Pixel Mode - Flower Bowl (Arcade)
[PM] Pixel Mode - Cucumbers (Arcade)
.:Standby Inc. - CH Gatcha - Latte (Heart) (Arcade)
AF Potted Plant (Exotic) (Arcade)
AF Beauty Is... (Arcade)
AF Jute Natural Rug (Arcade)
Dutchie stack of towels
Dutchie sponge


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