My Seven SL Facts Meme

I read about this on Strawberry's blog and since I've been feeling a little bit more social lately...I decided to share.

SL Fact #1
I can not believe I've been in sl over 6 years. It doesn't feel that long. I've taken a couple of breaks; one for 6 months and another for 3 months.Who would have thought an article on yahoo would lead to this. Before that I thought The Sims were the shiznit.

SL Fact #2
I detest face lights and any object with lights enabled period. I derender anything projecting light and anyone wearing it. Mostly for pictures but I've been known to derender entire areas at a club...

SL Fact #3 
I have never had a SL wedding nor do I want to. It's a waste of lindens and the lag makes me wonder how it could even be fun for the couple. I've never even thought about prim babies, expect the time I grabbed a demo and tp'd to my cousin telling her I got knocked up....And child avs are just creepy. I've had bad experiences in that department and it goes in to the whole alt thing.

SL Fact #4
Speaking of alts...I have several but I never "play" them. I use them for pictures and making poses. I tried to start over on one once...was bored and ended up contacting friends and telling them who I was...also after the empty inventory..came back to Eve. She is my main and only occupied av.

SL Fact #5
I have just had my first best whole year on SL because of a certain someone who has taught me (unknownly) that I can be myself and the right people will stick around.

SL Fact #6
I'm currently a pose creator for CnS, but I've had many SL jobs. Before I was even two months old I was a stripper, then a host, briefly a DJ, a club owner back when sploders and gambling were legal, a one time Escort, owned a store selling shapes, worked commissions for updating avs as like a personal stylist, rented myself out as a terraformer and then in between all that I discovered SL photography working for commissions and creating my own art. After my last break, Cyn hired me as CSR for Cynful and CnS. There I discovered my next joy...making poses. I also am kind of blogging, which is why you are here!

SL Fact #7
I have a compulsive need to try all pose balls... and I may have accidentally had tentacle sex once.

pic above is a close up I finally worked on from a previous blog pic


  1. haha, love these! And agree with not having a wedding. Never been there and it ain't worth it to me! <3