I have never been ice skating. I am afraid to even try! I was rollerblading at 13 but ice skates on ice seems so much scarier to me. The thought of there being no wheels to direct it brings to mind me doing a painful split or running over people because I can't stop. Or falling and breaking something for the first time in my life. There is no denying I want to try it one day though.
Right now, I have more of a desire to skydive then I do to brave the ice...

Skates: The Secret Store - Ice Skates - Arcade
Stockings: SYSY's-Stockings-black
Outfit: coldLogic coat - (optional shirt & skirt) 
Scarf: *COCO*_WoolScarf_Brown
Earmuffs: *League* Earmuffs -FairIsle Browns
Hair: TRUTH  HAIR Bobbie
Skin: *League* Isla -Deeptan
Pose: Purple Poses - Ice Skating Poses
Location: Yuki no Yume


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